Two New EPs

"EADJ" and "SOL"


Two New EPs Releasing Soon! “The Soft Repentance” on streaming services!

I’ve got 2 new EPs coming out.

“Estes Kefauver” from EADJ
“Sol” from SOL

EADJ I’d been working on sporadically as a full LP for quite a while. The other, Sol, I wrote during April 2020. It all poured out in a very quick period of maybe a week and a half, and the feel of the material was so different – and cohesive as its own statement – that I decided it stood best on its own rather than added to the album already in progress. Evenutally I decided to narrow EADJ down to just an EP for now, and save the other 4 or 5 songs for something later.

The Soft Repentance is an album I initially released in 2015, when this project was called 9 9 0 0. It was released only as a free download on Bandcamp, but after I started on a second album (and changed the project name) I decided that when I released the newer material I would give the first album a proper release as well.

So there’s a lot coming out all at once. Please check back for updates on this and other developments.